They’re all around you.

They tell you what to do, and in some instances, what you cannot do.

In America, from what I remember, the signs spell everything out for you. For instance, speed limit signs actually say “speed limit”. In Japan, the speed limit is a number in a red circle, displayed on a field of white.

Crosswalk signs in America aren’t standardized but they generally have some sort of unisex figure combined with the word crosswalk somewhere on the sign. In Japan, it’s a blue, upside down home plate shape with a decidedly male figure that is either Amish, or in a ska band.


Out with your pet in America? As far as I can tell, there’s no standardized sign reminding citizens that they need to pick up what their pets needs to expel. It’s considered common knowledge as well as common decency.

In Japan, that’s not taken for granted. How could it be? Especially in the more populated parts of the country…

The sign for that in Japan seems to vary. However, as you can see it’s a dog, in a state of expulsion, apparently dropping  new evolution of Pokemon Balls or announcing that it’s owner is really The Riddler.