Bright Lights, Big City.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.46.31 AM.png

This picture is from Shinjuku Gyoen National Park.

Parks like these are to be plentiful in the Land of the Rising Sun. Of course you have to pay to get in (this one was only $2 USD). But as you can see, it’s worth the price of admission. With the general over-population of the Japan as a country, combined with tourism being the main money-maker at most city centers (Shinjuku, included), I’m sure the head honchos make a killing.

Conversely, having to pay for admittance also keeps the homeless out.

I’m not making some big statement about helping the poor. I’m just pointing out the contrast of entering a public park in Japan while it’s own less fortunate citizens have taken residence outside of the park gates.


It’s no big secret: there are A LOT of people who call central Japan “home”. Sunshine for most of the year, exotique experiences, the opportunity to find out why Jiro, really, dreams of sushi…

Who wouldn’t want call this place home?

Since the population has grown exponentially during the decades  of “post war” Japan, the need for “particular” services has become paramount. ENTER the Child Removal Services, CRS.

Not everyone should be a parent, not everyone can be a parent. LET CSR HELP YOU!


Our trucks patrol all of the neighborhoods of central Japan on a weekly basis. It is our goal to place your unwanted or unnecessary child in the right “hands”.

As long as your little “bundle” is properly bound and placed in the proper receptacle the night before a pick up, Child Removal Services will be able to take your prom night dumpster baby away!