Blue Skies.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.21.35 AM.png

Looks nice, doesn’t it? For the most part, this is what lower, central Japan, looks like during the winter.

This photo was taken during the first week of February. Hence the dead-ass trees in the background. Another clue that it’s winter, is that the soil is being worked, and no other growth.

Fun fact? this is right across the street from one of the school my children attend.

Want to know a fact that’s even more fun than that? It’s a little known fact about the environment of our current geographic location.

Japan, during the winter time, gets really damn windy. Like, mime walking against the wind (only you’re the mime, and the wind is real, not imaginary), windy. On windy days like that, do you think all of that nice, flat dirt stays put?

Fuck. No.

My entire neighborhood gets blanketed in a gentle brown courtesy of the ensuing Grapes of Wrath-style dust storm. That blue sky fades into that muddy color you used to get in art class when you thought it would be a great idea to mix all of the paints together. Children walking home from school resemble Bedouins by the time that they reach their domicile. Dogs and cats start sleeping together! MASS HYSTERIA!

The lesson? Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it won’t try to kill you.

Dancing Queen


Outside: Oh Hello! I almost didn’t see you there. You look like you’ve had quite the experience…

Inside: Maybe you’re still experiencing it, he grimaced.

Outside: Where am I going? Oh, North… I think. Yeah sometimes I just like to get up and walk. I’ve found that ambulations are good for clearing out the mental clogs that keep me from being 100%!

Inside: Is that dirt? or shit? hard to tell from this distance, not like I want to get any closer, don’t want the olfactory senses to go kaput.

Outside: Aren’t you cold? I know we’re in a part of Japan that doesn’t get snow often, but that wind can be a son of a bitch… “You get all you need from the sun”?

Inside: You’re not a plant and you are most definitely naked except for your…

Outside: Is that a tiara? oh: a ‘ceremonial headdress’

Well I need to get a move on. Enjoy your sun be sure to flip over so you can get some on your back side too.