Dancing Queen


Outside: Oh Hello! I almost didn’t see you there. You look like you’ve had quite the experience…

Inside: Maybe you’re still experiencing it, he grimaced.

Outside: Where am I going? Oh, North… I think. Yeah sometimes I just like to get up and walk. I’ve found that ambulations are good for clearing out the mental clogs that keep me from being 100%!

Inside: Is that dirt? or shit? hard to tell from this distance, not like I want to get any closer, don’t want the olfactory senses to go kaput.

Outside: Aren’t you cold? I know we’re in a part of Japan that doesn’t get snow often, but that wind can be a son of a bitch… “You get all you need from the sun”?

Inside: You’re not a plant and you are most definitely naked except for your…

Outside: Is that a tiara? oh: a ‘ceremonial headdress’

Well I need to get a move on. Enjoy your sun be sure to flip over so you can get some on your back side too.