I’m going to get more shine in a little bit.

What you see above is a bona-fide rat-tail. Yes, it is on a minor. Yes, the child in question is not mine. And yes, there are a few points that I would like to notate for the record.

  1. The photo was captured around 2016. Which means that it’s sat in a draft-state in my queue for two years. Take this point for what it’s worth: maybe my thoughts on this specimen needed to mature?
  2. The photo was taken in Japan. Yes, it was taken in a school in Japan. However, in Japan, you do not need expressed consent if the person is recognizable. Yes, this person is recognizable to a degree. In the event that I should be contacted by them, or someone affiliated with them, I will gladly remove this post.
  3. This is an appreciation post.

The rat-tail owner and his parents should be applauded. Back in my day (yes, I am old enough to type that and be justified in doing so), should anyone of had a hairstyle that was unique in anyway, they would have been verbally fricassed.

In today’s world, where individuality is a tight rope walk that teeters between applause and damnation, expressing yourself in any physical way is an act of courage.

I see you 20th century hairstyle child. Nice work.

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