Beyond the Sea.

Here, have some colorful animals out in the wilds of Japan.

Really, the girl is my youngest, and yes: I know that I could have done better when it comes to the taking of pictures. As I have mentioned before, I generally try and keep posts like this somewhere between absurd and ‘dad joke’ territory. My reasoning was that I shouldn’t be like every other shill on the internets. What purpose would that serve anyone in the long run? It’s not like we’re all a part of a chorus here.

It’s more dissonance than anything else.

My initial thought with the included photo was to try and take a crack at an internal monologue from the point of view of the fish. Maybe have the punchline fall somewhere in the realm of a fart joke and how fish don’t have to worry about the smell.

Then the real reason I hung on to this photo dropped in my lap.

What is she thinking there? Maybe it has something to do with all of the strategic colors?

I know what I am thinking: she can be about as pleasant as a bag of dicks to be around sometimes but it’s nice to see her smile.

One thought on “Beyond the Sea.

  1. This is a great photo actually. At first glance I didnt notice the reflection, then when I did notice it it brought the writing together for me.


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