In which, you find out what this is all about.

Writing Blogging, Writing is hard.

Well, harder than what most people tend to think. Most people think “Oh! You Write! Tell me a story?

And then, you have that awkward moment with that person. You have to try and explain to them (nicely) that writing doesn’t work like that and how being asked to tell them a story is the writer-equivalent of having someone honk your junk, unsolicited.

Then they inevitably waffle and try to back pedal with “What have you been writing about?” I always find this question to be a seppuku social situation.

I’m reluctant to tell them the truth. Who wants the truth, really? Do they really want to know about how I’ve wanted to be nothing else than an author since I was 13? Do they really want to know that I tried freelance writing but had to abandon it because:

  1. I really should have started it 20 years ago when I was in my twenties and I didn’t have mouths to feed. And, that
  2. I’ve concluded that it’s never, ever, fiscally responsible to do anything on a freelance basis.

Do they really want to know about the days when I am the proverbial salmon trying to spawn upstream but can’t because the Rapids of Rejection are too great for my libidinous desires?

No, no one wants the truth. So I tell this person that I’m writing a novel that involves dirigible vampires that shit sexy babies down chimneys.

Sometimes, this is a conversation ender. Why? Because I say it with a straight face and I make a point of not breaking eye contact. Other times, if this person is made of tougher stuff, they’ll laugh because they’ll know that I’m fucking with them. Then they’ll say: “Yer hillllarious! Do you have a blog? What’s it about?” 

And here, you have what this is all about.

Present conventional wisdom (read: what the Internet tells us) states that writer’s ought to have a web site that displays equal parts of your Self-Slutting (because if you are a writer, you need to be able to slut yourself out) and writing expertise.

I’m paraphrasing of course, but the idea is that you need to be able to peddle your wares and you need to demonstrate that you can, in fact, write. And you need to write about one thing. Only, one thing.

That works for some writers. Case in point? Terrible Minds. Mr. Wendig is wise and wiley  when it comes to the words.

I’m not Wendig. I have tried numerous blog approaches, and failed. Repeatedly.

Conclusion? Having an expertise driven blog is not conducive to the writing career that I want. In general, having one of those blogs is like trying to have a conversation with someone on the other side of a busy train yard.

Further analysis? I just don’t have the energy to care anymore.

So, this web site, this blog is about me. It’s about what I have been writing, and it’s about what I have written. It will change from time to time because that is the driving force behind the act of writing: change.

Thanks For Reading,